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Frequently Asked Questions

Simply add your link and you can edit the title and description fields, ensure you add HTTP:// or HTTPS:// for any links you add. For the Social Tab you can just add the username for each social account. Always ensure you test your links on your live page.
Impressions: These are all of the users that have visited your page. This could include a single user visiting your site multiple times.

Unique Views: These are individual users visiting your page. One user can visit multiple times but this will only count as one view.

Clicks: These are the total amount of times a unique user has clicked your link. Please note if you delete a link from your dashboard it will remove this from the Click count. You can hide a link to keep the link count there.

You can also add your own tracking and UTM via the Settings tab on your dashboard.
Please feel free to contact us at and we will be happy to help with any questions you have.