The bio on your Instagram page is very important as it gives a first impression as to who you are, so it is safe to say that you must write your bio very carefully. This could prove to be difficult so we have put together the 7 best instagram bio tips and tricks to help you create the perfect Instagram bio.

1. Use Keywords

Utilising keywords assists people in understanding what you do and who you are. Choose keywords which match your brand and are useful to people that visit your page. They allow for your page to gain more attention as they help target your niche and allows for people to understand that you offer a valuable/beneficial business/service etc.

2. Use Emojis

In your bio, you want to break up large chunks of text. A great way of doing this is by using a few emojis to do this. They add a bit of colour to your profile but you should always be careful about which ones you use because over-using them can look unprofessional. As well as this, make sure you use relevant emojis which show what you do or tell people what your personality is.

3. Add your Email

A common thing for users to do is to put their email in their bio. This is an easy way to let your followers know that you can be contacted, and they can contact you with any queries or feedback etc. However, Instagram Business accounts allow for you to add an email button onto your profile which allows for a user to directly contact you through your profile.

4. Take advantage of line-breaks

Another way to break up your bio is to utilise Line-Breaks. These allow you to start typing on a new line. This is especially useful when you want to write a small bullet point list showing off your skills or keywords. They are very easy to implement as all you need to do is click Return/Enter on your keypad and it only takes up a single character on the bio character limit.

5. Include your skills

Your Instagram bio is the first impression/introduction to visitors of your page. If you want these visitors to become followers, then you must set a good first impression. Use your Instagram bio to highlight qualities about you such as your skills, hobbies or interests. You need to make yourself stand out against competition so you need to show off your unique skills and values that make you better than others.

6. Use branded hashtags

Including hashtags in your Instagram bio is also a way to let your followers know what niche you’re in. These intrigue people to engage with your posts and learn more about them, or click the hashtag and see posts with that hashtag. Including your personal branded hashtag can encourage followers to post using that hashtag.

7. Utilise your biolink

And last and not least! Add a biolink to your Instagram bio. On Instagram, there is only one place in which you can place a biolink and that is on your profile underneath your bio. This is crucial because your Instagram bio can only hold a limited amount of information and linking to your website can provide people with a more detailed understanding of your business. Due to the limitation of only one link in the caption, businesses tend to change the link regularly to redirect the user to a new product. You can also get a ClickPage to share and manage all your links from one location. Add your ClickPage to your Instagram bio (as well as all your other social media platforms) and you won’t have to keep updating your biolink. Click here to find out more about ClickPage.

We hope you’ve found these helpful and utilise some of these tips on your Instagram bio.