With over 2 million freelancers in the UK and 56.7 million in the US, more people than ever before are leading a freelance lifestyle. Being a freelancer means organising your time, contacting clients, negotiating prices and meeting deadlines, but there are some incredible online tools to help make your life easier than ever. Whether you’re a SEO expert, social media marketer, freelance photographer or a content writer, time is money. By becoming more efficient and delivering quality, you’re going to be able to increase your profits as a freelancer. From sourcing high quality images, creating social media posts to selling your services, we’re about to open your mind to 5 incredible websites for freelancers. So, if you’ve got a coffee, here are 5 free freelancer tools you need in your life. You can thank us later!


1: Fiverr to Sell Your Services Online

Finding a reliable and reputable website to sell your services as a freelancer on an international scale is key to a freelancers success. Fiverr is free to sign up as a freelancer (they do charge a commission on each sale). They have over 300 categories, accommodating a wide range of services and professional skills and it requests freelancers to take online exams to prove their efficiency and professionalism.

Connecting professional freelancers with businesses around the globe, we would recommend Fiverr to anyone thinking about setting themselves up as a freelancer, whether it be full time or on a part time basis. Fiverr’s platform is really easy to navigate and as a freelancer you can create gigs which are basically the services you are offering to clients. This gives you creative control over how you promote yourself on the platform as well as set the prices you want to charge. Fiverr does take a percentage of the money you make though, so that’s important to bear in mind when pricing your gigs.

Sign up to Fiverr here.


2: LinkedIn to Position Yourself as a Professional

If you’ve set yourself up a free freelancer Fiverr profile, it’s time to maximise your online exposure. When it comes to social media marketing as a freelancer, LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to use. This professional social media platform allows you to position yourself as an industry expert and freelancer. You can even share a link to your Fiverr profile through LinkedIn, as well as the services you’re offering.

Another great way to use LinkedIn is to generate new clients and opportunities for yourself. Many businesses use LinkedIn to headhunt or to advertise job opportunities along with projects. As a freelancer, you can use LinkedIn’s job search feature and find freelance opportunities around the world. If you come across an ideal opportunity for your unique skill set and experience, but it is listed as an in-house role, we highly recommend contacting the company directly and ask them whether they’ve ever considered using a professional freelancer. If the company is local to you, consider setting up a meeting with them. Or if they’re far away, a virtual meeting via Skype or Zoom can help you secure an exciting new role. Be confident and don’t undervalue your experience and talent. Businesses are still getting used to the idea that freelancers can offer professional, high-quality services, so it might take time to convince a traditional company to broaden their horizons and benefit from the freelance world.

So, what are you waiting for, set yourself up a professional freelancer profile on LinkedIn now.


3: Canva for Creative Flare

Canva is a go-to online tool for a lot of freelancers. With more than 10 million users in 179 countries, Canva is a graphic design platform that allows freelancers and anyone for that matter, to create Facebook posts, Instagram images, presentations, posters, images with text, resumes, professional documents, Pinterest pins, YouTube channel art and much more. The capabilities on Canva are honestly limitless and what’s more is that this invaluable online tool is free to use.

For professional freelancers, you may benefit from upgrading to their pro version. Canva Pro gives freelancers access to additional features such as unlimited storage of photos and assets as well as 400,000 free photos, illustrations and templates. Whether you’re a graphic designer, social media marketer or content creator, sign up to Canva.com today and save yourself time without compromising on the quality you offer.


4: Unsplash for Image Discovery

If you’re a freelancer, you’ll know the struggle of trying to source high-quality royalty and copyright free images online, and to a deadline. Let us introduce you to Unsplash. Enjoy beautiful, free images and photos that you can instantly download and use for freelance projects and client work. By downloading stock photography from Unsplash and uploading it to Canva, you can create professional social media posts in minutes.

Take a look at Unsplash and it’s incredible collection of photos and images.

enhance skills

5: Enhance your Skills Online

As a freelancer, it’s important to upgrade your skills regularly in order to secure the best projects online. By enhancing your skills online, you can diversify your services and ensure you always have a way to generate freelance income. Also, if you use freelance platforms such as Fiverr, having certificates such as Google Adwords, will help position you ahead of your competition. If you want to increase your skills without investing heavily in a course, there are some fantastic free websites out there that can help you do this.

Udemy for Free Courses

Udemy is an online platform with over 100,000 courses and 24 million students. Some courses require payment, however you can often find free courses too. From social media marketing, graphic design to AI and coding, there are thousands of courses online to take your freelancing skills to the next level.

Browse Udemy for online courses as a freelancer.

Get Hubspot Certified

If you’re going to be working on Hubspot to help future clients, or you’re hoping to sell a Hubspot marketing service, get yourself certified now. Hubspot Academy helps professionals and freelancers with free certifications with industry-recognised badges that you can add to your LinkedIn profile.

Get Hubspot certified here.

Google Digital Garage

Whether you’re new to freelancing, or you’ve been freelancing for several years, take a look at Google Digital Garage. From the basics of digital marketing to Google analytics and Google PPC, there are plenty of free courses to help you get accredited. Created by Google trainers, these online courses include practical exercises, real-world examples and will help you to increase your knowledge of the online world. Even if you’re not a digital marketing expert, these courses will help you to understand how to market yourself online as a freelancer and attract new clients to your website, freelance profile or social media accounts.

Head over to Google Digital Garage and increase your digital skill set.

Bonus Tip for Freelancers : ClickPage

As a freelancer it can be difficult to keep track of all the websites that you list your services on, your social media profiles and your portfolio of work. ClickPage is a brand new platform giving freelancers, the opportunity to combine all their social media channels, website links, and freelance services in an easy to share digital profile. Rather than give a prospective client several links to check out, share your ClickPage instead. This certainly streamlines the process and makes it much easier for new clients to find you and understand your skills, experience, academic history and contact information. Find out more about ClickPage here and reserve your free page today.